The Specification of Ni-Cd

Four specs of McNair Ni-Cd battery:

(1).General type (Standard)
A.Long life cycle
exceed 500 charge and discharge cycles
B.Avoid maintenance
Simple operation like primary batteries but avoid overcharging and overdischarging (-20
C.Stable performance
low  can be applied to a large range of temperature
Applied examples A. Intercom, wireless phone
B. Measuring tools, calculator
C. remote control auto and other power toys
D.Photographic light, searchlight, lawn light
E. Appliances: power shaver, recorder

(2).High capacity type
A.Long life cycle
exceed 500 charge and discharge life cycle
B.high current
To meet discharge in 5C(AAA
AAA)、 discharge in  10CSCCD)
C.  To substitute 1.5V primary battery
Although its nominal voltage is 1.2V, this type of batteries can be completely applied to the equipment with 1.5V primary.
Applied examples A. Appliances: power shaver, recorder and so on
B.Earphone stereo system, CD player, radio

C. Measuring tools, calculator

(3)high temperature type
Features: A. Excellent charge and discharge performance at high temperature
Even at the 35 to 70 centigrade high temperature, this type of batteries have high charge efficiency of low current.
B.Long life cycle and excellent reliability
C. Well in bearing overcharge
 Applied examples:

A. Emergency light  B. Guiding light
(4) High power discharge type
Features: A. Excellent discharge performance with high current

Based on the rating capacity with 0.2C discharge,  discharge in 5C can reach 95% and  discharge 10C can reach 85%.
B. Quick charge performance
 charge in 1-2CmA current
C.Low Internal Resistance
D. Long life cycle and excellent reliability
Applied examples

A. power tools: electric drills, screwdriver and electric saw and so on
B. Power toys:  electric auto, electric plans
C. Video cassette recorder
D.Other equipment in high power discharge