Ni-Cd Battery Characteristics

Main features of Ni-Cd battery

Main features of Ni-Cd battery: charge characteristics, discharge characteristics, life cycle characteristics, storage characteristics and security characteristics
1.Charge characteristics
     Charge current, time temperature and other factors influence the charge characteristics of Ni-Cd battery. The charge voltage will rise when charge current increases and the charge temperature falls. Charge efficiency will change as the charge current, time and temperature change. In terms of quick charge, it is necessary to be equipped with the charge control system. Please refer to the following charging methods.

Typical Charge characteristics (The temperature influence the charge voltage)  

2.Discharge characteristics
    Discharge characteristics of Ni-Cd battery will change as the discharge current and temperature change. In general, compared with the primary batteries the Ni-Cd batteries have little change in the process of discharge. Although discharge current is very high, the damage of capacity is neglectable. The "P" series batteries in MIKE  is specially designed for meeting power tools which need high current discharge. In addition, our quick charge batteries with high capacity are specialized in R&D and production for satisfying the high capacity demand of high-tech installation.

Typical discharge characteristics (Different discharge current, different discharge curve)

3.Life cycle characteristics
      The life cycle of Ni-Cd battery is influenced on charge and discharge principles, temperature and methods. When charge and discharge according to IEC standard, the life cycle of charge and discharge will exceed 500. Different charge methods such as quick charge and charge in the operating will influence the real life cycle of batteries.

 Typical life cycle characteristics characteristics
    When Ni-Cd batteries are stored under the condition of charge, the capacity will have losing (self-discharge) and the damage degree will increase when the temperature rises. Certainly the capacity losing will be recovered through charging. Although batteries are stored for so long time, the capacity will be recovered if the storage environment is appropriate.

5. Security
    If batteries used improperly, such as overcharge, short circuit and reversed charge led to higher internal pressure of the battery, a recoverable safety-vent valve will open in order to decrease the internal pressure so that prevent the battery from exploding.