Li-polymer battery

the characteristic of Polymer Battery

Lithium ion polymer batteries are the new generation lithium battery. They have a high voltage of liquid lithium ion battery, a high recharge life, and a steady discharge rate and are non-polluting, but also eliminate safety hazards that liquid lithium ion battery exist. Meanwhile, its design becomes more flexible, convenient and light and handy. The performance has reached or exceeds the technology parameter of liquid lithium ion battery with a better reliability.

Comparison between Li-polymer battery and liquid battery

1.       Excellent Safety Performance: As the aluminum bluster outer package is different, in the metal-shelled liquid lithium power cell, no safety problems arise, as it can't detonate, only expand.

2.       super thin design: suitable to all kinds of super thin electrical appliance, but liquid lithium ion will have technical bottleneck as thickness is less than 3.6mm;

3.       Light Weight: The polymer lithium cell is 40% lighter than the same specification of the steel shell liquid lithium cell, and 20% lighter than aluminium shell liquid lithium cell.

4.       High Capability: The polymer capacity is 10-15% more than the same specification steel shell and aluminium shell liquid lithium cell.

5.       Low Internal Resistance: At present the impedance of our products can be made below 35m, better using battery capacity. Because of the difference of impedance, the usage time can differ by 20-50% with the same capacity.

6.       Customized Shape: The thickness and shape can be made according to the requirements of customers. Some special shapes as arc-shape battery can also be made.

7.       Excellent Discharge Performance: Li-polymer applies gelled electrolyte with more stable discharge characteristics and higher discharge plateau.