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MOCVD System

We are offering a full line of MOCVD system technologies,
ranging from R&D scale to Pilot to Production.

Common System Features
• Scalable rotating susceptor platform – from 3” to 24”
• Fully automatable (ICCS system)
• Conventional CVD and ALD operating modes
• Compatible with plasma and UV enhancement
• In-situ process monitors temperature – deposition rate – others
• Transfer/load lock systems available
• Radial reactant distribution control
• Reactive species isolated until mix above the substrate
• Customization
• All metal construction built to UHV standards
• Leading vendor components used for all standard components
  (valves, mfc’s gauges, etc.)
• Only highest quality materials used

Scalable R & D Tool
Substrates 3-2”, 1-4”, 1-5”, several (1”)2 or 1cm2, etc.
Low cost – robust tool
Highest flexibility

Substrates: 3-4”, 1-6”, 1-8”
Economical pilot production
Recommended basic 4 sided cluster tool robot configuration
Clean/Etech other stations available

Production Tools
1-6”, 1-8”, 1-12”, (5-6” and 3-8” versions available)
Recommended 6 or more sided cluster tool robot configuration
Multiple reactor configurations
Compatible with other modules
Application specific – highest throughput

Custom System Features
Built to same exacting standards as SpinCVD™ systems
Customized with customer
Low pressure through atmospheric options
Plasma enhancement
UV enhancement
Diffusion mode (horizontal and vertical tubes)
Custom materials compatibility
Alternative heating systems
Configurable for complex geometry coatings

Non-rotating Economical R&D MOCVD Systems
Substrates up to 2” diameter or complex geometries
Load lock optional
Simplified gas panel, frame and exhaust system
   Other Products
- Li-Ion/Polymer Batteries
- Ni-MH Batteries
- Ni-Cd Batteries
- Battery Pack
- Battery Charger
- Camcorder Batteries
- Digital Camera Batteries
- Notebook Batteries
- Bluetooth/MP3 Batteries
- Flash Light Batteries
- Cellular Phone Batteries
- Wireless Device Batteries - LCD
- Control Software
- Fiber Optics Accessories

  Custom Design
- Our experienced engineers will be glad to help you with custom design projects. You definte the specifications, we work for you.

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