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Control Software

       We partner with InstruControl, offer solutions for control software, that controls the process operation of MOCVD or CVD systems, and it is also applicable to any process that requires control using digital and analog inputs and outputs. Our feature product, IP Builder, is Microsoft Visual BasicTM based software and operates in the Microsoft WindowsTM (95, 98, 2000) environment. The software features an intuitive graphical user interface, an advanced process recipe generation, and interactive real time process control and monitoring. In addition, configurations provide a flexible hardware interface and process design. Combined with cost effective hardware (I/O cards such as analog, digital or other function cards like motion controller, or PLC design and integration), the IP Builder is clearly the choice for small scale MOCVD or CVD and other process systems. IP Builder is also ideal teaching tool for process control. We also design and implement control software for other industrial applications. Please contact us to further discussion at We welcome both distributors and OEM manufacturers!

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- Our experienced engineers will be glad to help you with custom design projects. You definte the specifications, we work for you.

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