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    M&D Technology Development Corporation is a worldwide high technology company which provides our customers with product solutions in the fields of electronics and Photonics. We specialize in deploying customized products such as rechargeable battery pack, MOCVD systems and LCD systems. We have been adopting supply chain management within the organization so that we could server our customers with high quality products within shortest lead time.

    We strongly believe that technology is the key to future. We retain a technical know-how research and development team, which provides M&D with insight and visibility into new technologies and to build future customer partnerships, while leveraging our market position. This gives us the technological competency to understand new ideas and the experience to execute the plan.

    We provide our worldwide customers with various types of high quality products. We support our customers and work with our customers early in their development cycle and design our products to meet their specific requirements. This ensures us to capture the volume production requirements of our customers when their systems are ready for commercial deployment.

    M&D was founded in 1997 as a R&D Lab. Since then, it has grown to expand to a multinational company. To reach us, please email to

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- Li-Ion/Polymer Batteries
- Ni-MH Batteries
- Ni-Cd Batteries
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- Camcorder Batteries
- Digital Camera Batteries
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- Bluetooth/MP3 Batteries
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- Wireless Device Batteries - MOCVD System
- Control Software
- Fiber Optics Accessories

  Custom Design
- Our experienced engineers will be glad to help you with custom design projects. You definte the specifications, we work for you.

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